1 week countdown

We are less than a week away from the Marine Corps Marathon and 10k!  I will tell you this training has not been easy, my body is just now starting to get used to running.  Yesterday I ran a 5k for PCOS Challenge down in Haines Point in DC.  The park is beautiful but yesterday’s weather was less than stellar.  55 degrees, raining, 11mph winds, 1.5 hours of sleep but I did it!  I ran a majority of the time, there were a few times I walked but overall fairly happy with my performance.  3.33 miles; 41 minutes.  I didn’t have any headphones so I ran and thought, sometimes that is dangerous.  My mentality was mostly positive but there were a few times I had a few negative talks, mostly around doubling the distance next week.  The second or third time I asked myself why, I came up with a positive answer – pushing myself is partly for me to know I can but mostly for our Vets.  The MCM 10K is to fundraise and build awareness for Semper Fi Fund, which supports our military and their families.  Our military gives up so much to allow me, and this country, to be free.  So a few weeks of training and 6.2 miles of running on a Sunday morning is nothing compared to the sacrifices these men and women and their families make for the United States of America.  Sunday, when I am running and my thoughts go negative, if I want to slow down, want to quit, that is what I will be telling myself.  It is what I built Operation XYZ on.  I can make an extremely small sacrifice to help those who give the ultimate sacrifice…

I still need your help to reach our fundraising goal, though.  Please click the link to donate.


Megan Eunpu

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